• You will be given a class or phylum.
  • You will choose an organism from that class or phylum that is either endangered or exotic.
  • You will need to justify placement in that Phylum or class in a written narrative (in 3rd person) that leaves no doubt as to its classification.
  • Create a "fact sheet" of the organism using a newsletter format in Pages for placement on the wiki (you will need to use scribd to place on the wiki.

Information to include:
endangeredspeciesinfo.png exoticspeciesinfo.png

  • Outline for newsletter containing required information, references, appropriate pictures with attribution
  • Newsletter of endangered or exotic animal evaluated by rubricnewsletterrubric.png
  • Outline of google earth placemark coordinates, picture and references, and biography to be included (prior to final date)
  • Creation of a placemark, picture or reference link, and biography using google earth - final (each person's due date will be different)
  • Research on biodiversity loss or issues related to your species using web research and links that characterize both sides of the biodiversity argument. Include: 1. annotations of the original content (your thoughts on the content that questions or acknowledges) 2. links to information from within the annotation of further study you have completed in order to understand or background knowledge 3. comments in the students voice for either side