To identify basic criteria of animal classification and apply to specific examples.

In order to understand how animals are classified, we must decide what questions have been asked about animals and their relationships to each other. Criteria for classifying and research:
  • embryology
  • homology
  • analogy
  • blood proteins/biochemistry
  • chromosome structure
  • adaptations
  • evolution
  • problems in classification (organisms that don't fit)
  • geologic evidence
  • behavior

In your group, research the item above you have been given. You will be given 10 minutes. Describe what is involved in the process and provide one or more high quality examples showing how the above can be used in the classification of organisms. Add your information to the google docs page created by your teacher. After the end of the time limit, we will discuss these as a class for better understanding of animal classification.

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  2. Classifying animals class reflection