To use Scratch in the creation of an organism that will be assigned to another student for classification using the Inspiration notes (created from viewing the iMovies of the phyla and classes).


  • You will create a new species.
  • You will use Scratch to sketch your organism showing physical appearance.
  • You will write journal entries describing the following processes: How did you came up with your new species?(Describe you thought processes), How did you use Scratch to create the environment for the species and then the species?(Outline the steps you took), Discuss changes you had to make with your original design and why.
  • Create a story or write a poem to describe your species without giving away the classification.
  • You will be asked to trade organisms with another student to classify the organisms.


You will be assessed on your creation, detailed description of the process you used to create the organism, and a story/poem creation about the organism.


Final Activity:
You will be assigned another student's creation and asked to identify it using your Inspiration notes on the Phyla/classes. Your paragraph should include your choice of Phylum and Class (only for the Mollusca, Arthropod, or Chordate phla) and the reasons (justification) that the phylum and/or class was chosen.