IV: Muscles
Task # 6

1. Create a 4 column chart with the following headings: Muscle Type, Description("what the muscle looks like"), Function and Example.
Include the following muscle types in the chart:
  • cardiac
  • smooth
  • striated
Muscle Type
involuntary muscle
helps heart rate increse
heart muscle
you cannot see any stripes ,you cannot see any stripes
Intestines and saliva glands
smooth muscles in saliva glands
voluntary muscle, antagonistic muscles
closets to the skeleton helps preform
triceps, bisecps, abductor muscles

2. Create a glossary of terms associated with muscles. Along with the term include its definition and/or significance in the understanding of muscles. Include the following terms:
  • joint- were to bones meet/articulate to help movement
  • extensor- lengening of the muscles
  • flexor- sorting of the muscles
  • origin- a place were the muscle ends and attaches to bone
  • insertion- were the muscle begines and attaches to bone
  • belly- thickened mid portion of the muscle
  • tendon- structure that suports the joint and holds the two articulating bones together
  • fascia- cartlige structure to reduce friction of the joint
  • antagonistic pairs-
  • adductor- movement of muscles toward the mid-line of the body
  • abductor- movement of muscles away from the mid-line of the body
3. a photo of the exposed abdominal muscles.
4. a photo of the circular muscle in the head.

6. Separate, then take a photo of 2 different muscles that control the movement of the shoulder. Label the two muscles.
Members of the pig tutorial group are required to show 3 different muscles labeled.
7. Separate, then take a photo of 3 different muscles that control the movement of the hip. Label the three muscles.
Members of the pig tutorial group are required to show 5 muscles labeled.
8. Separate and take a photo of an adductor muscle in the hind leg. Label the muscle.
Members of the tutorial group are required to separate and label 5 different muscles on the ventral side of the pig.
9. Separate and take a photo of an abductor muscle in the hind leg. Label the muscle.
10. Create a 4 column chart including 12 muscles found in the fetal pig. Column headings include: Muscle, Origin, Insertion, Function. Include a wide variety of muscles from all parts of the pig. Members of the muscles tutorial group are required to include 21 muscles in the chart.
Gluteus Medius
nearest to the vastus lateralis;; closest
to the thigh and dorsal
Glutesus maximus
and the vastus lateralis

Gluteus Maximus
starts to the dorsal;; found east of the gluteus
When it intersects with
the biceps of the pig

Biceps femoris
At the dorsal it starts(longest muscle in the abdominal
collection) runs slant ways right to left
ends at the knee of the
pig at lower abdominal

Tricep long head
Shoulder of the pig. near Spinodeltoideus
ends at the elbow of the
pig at the perforatus

Tricep short head
opposites of the long head near shoulder;;
controls the lower leg movement
near elbow and intersecting
with the Perforatus

Flexer carpi ulnaris
lower elbow origin;; closely connected with perforatus
near wrist until intersectes
with the Extensor carpi ulnaris

Extensor digitorum longus
middle of the oppisite communis and and Extensor carpi
near wrist and toes of the pig

Extensor carpi ulnaris
between the oppisite of the flexer carpi ulnaris
near toes of the fetal pig

Extensor carpi radialis
upper part of the elbow connected to tricep short/long head
near wrist and until it connects
with extensor carpi ulnaris

at elbow of fetal pig;; end of the tricep short head
when oppisite perforan begins

west of the extensor digitorum longus
when flexor carpi ulnaris starts

11. Homework: Discuss your study of the muscles. Include the following in your discussion:
  • Tool/techniques that were successful in separating the muscles
  • Hardest part of studying muscles
  • The main function(s) of muscles
12. Compare and contrast muscles of the clam, crayfish, starfish, and pig.
The pig has the most complex muscle system compared to the starfish and the clam because the did not need as much aid in movement ther for they were not nescery