III. Skinning the Pig
Task # 5
1. Include a photo of a partially skinned pig. Label the following:
  • skin
  • cutaneous maximus
  • fatty tissue
2. How thick is the skin?
The skin is 1 millimeter thick
3. What attaches the skin to the body of the pig?
Cutaneus Maximus are the muscles that attach the skin to the pig
4. Discuss the functions of the pig's skin.
The pig's skin is used for protection of its internal parts
5. Homework: Discuss the skinning process. Include the following in your discussion:
  • Outline of your procedure
  • Preferred techniques and tools
  • Reflect on techniques/tools that malfunctioned
  • Most outstanding piece of knowledge learned from skinning process.
6. Compare and contrast removing the outer covering of the clam, crayfish, starfish and the pig.
The outer covering of the clam, crayfish, and starfish is hard and protects them. The pigs outer covering is not hard. It does protect the pig, but not as well.